How It Works

Our product has been designed using advanced PROBIOACT technology. AxisBiotix addresses the high levels of two pro-inflammatory chemicals found in the immune system known as Interleukin- 17 and Interleukin-23. People with Psorasis have much higher levels of these chemicals.

AxisBiotix also helps to strengthen the gut barrier, which has been shown in some studies conducted in people with psoriasis to be a little bit ‘leaky’. Our supplement aims to reduce inflammation and help support most of the skin symptoms of psoriasis, such as redness, itchiness, flaky skin, and dryness.

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What is AxisBiotix-Ps and how was it developed and tested in the lab?

  • A Unique Blend of Bacteria

    The AxisBiotix-Ps Complex contains four types of live bacteria, blended together using PROBIOACT technology. We have carefully designed the blend to be stable, able to withstand the harsh conditions of the gastrointestinal tract, and metabolically active for optimal benefit.

  • Simply Stir into Water and Drink

    AxisBiotix-Ps is simple to use.

    Take one sachet a day on an empty stomach in the morning before breakfast or before going to bed. Add the contents of the sachet in 100ml of lukewarm water or milk, stir and leave for 60 seconds then stir again gently before drinking.

  • Clearer skin, naturally

    Every component of AxisBiotix-Ps serves a specific purpose and is not included by accident. We have carefully selected minerals, proteins, and carriers all of which are chosen to make sure our AxisBiotix-Ps live bacterial blend gets to the right place where it can do its job.

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Start your journey with AxisBiotix-Ps

It takes time for your body (and skin) to adjust. Everyone's skin is different and the time it takes to see results can vary from as little as 4 weeks, to up to 6 months. We recommend using AxisBiotix for a minimum of 56 days. We've made it easy to create good skin routines with our 28 day subscription option.

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