Over 72% of people report improvements in skin

*Over 72% of participants who completed The BRIGHT Consumer Study

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  • Skin You Feel Good In

    The gut-skin axis is the technical way of saying the gut and skin can talk to each other. Meaning that what you put in your body can impact your skin.

  • Your Skin Journey

    Much like us, our skin is unique. It regenerates constantly and this can vary from person to person. This natural cycle refreshes our skin and keeps it looking good.

  • Our Science

    We researched and selected four different strains of live bacteria to work together for the maximum impact.


Clearer skin for less than £1.35 per day* - that's less than the price of a coffee!

*Based on purchasing the 56 day pack at £74.99

So, what is the gut-skin axis?

  • Meet Gus

    “...I noticed that I didn’t have Psoriasis flare ups which was nice”

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  • Meet Pete

    "AxisBiotix will be part of my daily routine forever"

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  • Meet Lee

    “I have noticed that my skin is getting smoother, less flaky and less itchy”

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