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Welcome to our Route to 66 campaign, where we're on a mission to transform lives and empower individuals living with psoriasis. At AxisBiotix, we understand the journey of habit formation and its profound impact on managing psoriasis symptoms.

For only £99.99 you'll receive 3 boxes of AxisBiotix-Ps, saving £6.66 a box! By incorporating our product into your daily routine for 66 days, you'll not only discover the benefits of our solution but also unlock the potential for long-term change.

Together, let's navigate the Route to 66 and embrace a future of empowered wellness.

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Science is at the heart of everything we do

AxisBiotix-Ps works to address the high levels of two pro-inflammatory chemicals found in the body known as Interleukin- 17 and Interleukin-23. They also help to strengthen the gut barrier, which has been shown in some studies conducted in people with psoriasis to be a little bit ‘leaky’.

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    20% off for the first three months, and 12.5% off your monthly cost every month thereafter.

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Backed by science, inspired by nature. Manage your psoriasis naturally using our simple daily supplement.

Enjoy relief from red, itchy skin and take the first step towards managing your skin condition. Contains 28 sachets.

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Building a routine isn't always easy, but the outcomes from our loyal customers illuminate the potential. Stick with it, and clearer skin beckons.

Incorporate the AxisBiotix food supplement into your daily ritual, and embrace the 60 Day Skin Challenge.

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