“Psoriasis nearly killed me” - Linzi shares her skin journey with AxisBiotix-Ps

“Psoriasis nearly killed me” - Linzi shares her skin journey with AxisBiotix-Ps

We're delighted to share the journey of Linzi, a member of the AxisBiotix community, who successfully combated her severe psoriasis.

Linzi Dunlevy, a 37-year-old primary school teacher from West Lothian, first began experiencing psoriasis symptoms more than ten years ago.

Her battle with this skin condition intensified to the point where it became life-threatening, affecting 67% of her body.

Today, Linzi celebrates her skin, attributing her success to what she has labelled the "ideal" solution, discovered through years of persistent trial and error.

Watch the video below where Linzi shares her full story.

Psoriasis, which affects over a million individuals in the UK, can manifest at any age. It is characterised by flaky skin patches that form scales, and while it is hereditary, stress can also provoke it.

Linzi's battle with psoriasis peaked in 2015, marked by the emergence of a deadly variant of the disease. This distressing phase coincided with her aunt's demise, a house move, and the challenges of teaching a particularly demanding class.

Linzi noted that her condition, which covered her entire body, was further exacerbated by overusing steroids.

She explained, "I was 60% covered, yet no one advised against using steroids on such a broad body area. I assumed that continuing its use was beneficial for my skin, which contributed to the issue. Unfortunately, steroids are often the default treatment."

Linzi developed pustular psoriasis, a severe variant that results in the formation of pus-filled bumps atop the existing scaly skin. These bumps typically merge and burst within a day or two, leaving the skin raw and sore as the pus dries. Reflecting on the severity of her condition, Linzi said,

"When I finally exposed my skin condition to others, they likened me to a burns victim. It was incredibly raw and painful... My mother was brought to tears when she saw my skin."

The severity of her condition led Linzi to feel deeply self-conscious, causing her to cover her body as much as possible and endure relentless itching.

"The itch was incessant... round the clock. I recall drawing baths at 4 am to soothe the itch, only for it to return moments after leaving the bath. My sleep was severely disrupted, affecting my relationships and my teaching job... I had to constantly wear polo necks to cover up. Fortunately, as my face and hands were unaffected, not everyone realised the extent of my condition," Linzi added.

After consulting her doctor, Linzi underwent a three-week intensive treatment in a dermatology ward, receiving cyclosporine, an immunosuppressive drug.

While this successfully eliminated her pustular psoriasis, guttate psoriasis, which looks like red droplets, replaced it.

However, her turning point came in 2022 when she started using AxisBiotix-Ps, a food supplement composed of a bacteria blend designed to help regulate the immune system.

Linzi reported, "Since starting AxisBiotix-Ps, I've noticed a significant improvement. I haven't needed to consult a doctor in years and I've been able to manage my skin condition primarily through lifestyle changes and a controlled diet."

In addition to AxisBiotix, Linzi credits a mindset shift, catalysed by the birth of her daughter, Isla, in 2017, in helping her cope better with her recurring psoriasis.

She explained, "When you have a skin imperfection, you become fixated on it. However, after Isla was born, my priorities shifted. My skin condition no longer consumed me. I believe becoming a mother helped change my perspective for the better."

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