1. To use your promotion code, enter the code details into the DISCOUNT CODE box within your cart to receive 50% off a 28-day pack of AxisBiotix-Ps. Only one promo code can be used against an order at any one time.  Single coupon per customer.

  2. You must upload the before and after images to receive your two free boxes. The first image must be taken before you start taking the supplement, and the second image must be taken after 28 days. You will not receive your 2 free boxes unless both images have been uploaded. 

  3. The before photo should be uploaded within 10 days of the order delivery and the after photo within 50 days of order delivery.  Don’t worry – we will send you plenty of reminders along the way so it will not come as a surprise.

  4. The campaign will run from 1 month from 24/04/2023. We reserve the rights to cancel modify or suspend the 60-day challenge at any time.

  5. We cannot accept responsibility if you do not upload your images. 

  6. We are not obliged to provide you with a replacement discount code if it gets lost and/or gets used by someone else as this will result in your code being cancelled.

  7. 60 day challenge participants license AxisBiotix to use their before and after photos in an anonymised way on their website and social media 

  8. This promotion is not open to current AxisBiotix subscribers.

  9. AxisBiotix decision is final with regards to the validity of use of the Offer in cases of suspected fraud. 

  10. This is for new customers only not current or previous customers